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Program of Events

Undergraduate Research Conference Fall 2013


Oral Presentations
Salem Campus Library
1-2:15 pm

Peggiann Beverly, "'The Dishes are Done Man!' The Parentification of Children."

Greg Cress, "The Role of Family Support in the Success of Low-income College Students."

Kayla Jenkins, "The Perks of Being a Woman in Medieval Iceland."

Elizabeth Johnson,"Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory and the Question of Free Will."

Joseph Pritchard, "Disability in 13th-Century Iceland."

Sara Saverko, "Child Development in Reading and Writing Skills ."

Winter Weyand, "Smart Cookie."

Caser Yourex, "Mentoring vs, Educational Conformity."


Poster Sessions
Student Lounge
2:30-3:45 pm

Bethany Begeot, "The Effects of Environment on a Child’s Education: Appalachian Region."

Sarah Begnaud, "Discipline."

Emily Brain, "The Importance of Secure Attachment Between Infant and Caregiver."

Alyssa Brown & Taylor Ward, "Teen Pregnancy and Child Development."

Cayleigh Crook, "The Effects of Father Absence."

Erin Curley, "The Impact of Parental Involvement in a Child's Education."

Alison Edie, "Bullying."

Anthony Evans, "Authoritative Parenting."

Trent Frederick, Greg Lowe, & Mike Rockhold, "3 T MRI Prostate Imaging."

Rachel Hall & Nicole Shetler, "How Does Play Affect the Development of Typical and Atypical Children?."
Amy Johnston, "The Homeschool Option."

Jill Koccanyar, "Corporal Punishment."

Denise Kuhlman, "Communication."

Jonni Mills, "Authoritative Parenting."

Susan Holstein, "What are the Pros and Cons of Children being Raised in a Religious or Non-religious Home?"

Leia Peison, "Breast Feeding Awareness."

Kelsey Sevey & Kaitlyn Van Dyne, "How do Male Coaches Differ from Female Coaches in the Development of a Child’s Physical and Emotional Development in the Early Childhood Years and Again Later in Life?"

Melinda Smalley & Jeremy MonroeHow does abuse negatively effect child development?

Amanda Smith-Heath, "Raising Girls with a Positive Body Image."

Jordan Stein, "Successful Step Parenting."

Felicia Weyand, "Internet Monitoring of Children and Teens."

Christy Zeigler & Nick Torelli, "Effects of Autism on Early Development."

Oral Presentations
Salem Campus Library
4:00-5:15 pm

Roxanne Bowers, "Effects of Peppermint."

Kayann Camp, "Monte Carlo Design."

Mathew Duck, "The Effectiveness of Exercise and Cholesterol."

Brittany Jarrett, "Who Drinks More Wine?"

Kathlena Lattanzio, "Napping and Increases in Productivity and memory."

Elizabeth Miller, "Does the Freshman 15 turn into the Senior 30?"

Chelsea Minnich, Brianne Wagner, Lindsie Desatnik, Dannielle Hendershot, "Putting Safety First; The Importance of Intruder Safety in Schools."

Leia Peison, "Breast Feeding Awareness."

Kelly Waller, "Quantitative Analysis Final Project."

Lavonda Wheeler, "The Brighter the Colors, the Sassier the Woman." 


Posted 12/04/2013                                                                   Salem Campus Undergraduate Research Committee2