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Faculty Spotlight on Dr. Lydia Rose

 Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Lydia Rose
Dr. Lydia Rose


 Dr. Lydia Rose, who joined the Kent State Columbiana County campuses this year didn't go to college to become a sociologist, instead she started out studying psychology. It wasn't until she did an internship that her views began to change. "I really saw the impact of social classes," she says of the experience. "It was a shift in how I started to see the world. Understanding the individual is important, but I became more interested in understanding groups and what influences in various groups that can make a significant impact." 

Dr. Rose gave an example of her students' experiences that she learned of while teaching at DeVry Southern California, Long Beach; a job she had held since the fall of 2000.  "I have met many students, who because English was not their first language, were not identified as intelligent, and therefore they were passed by while in grade school and high school when really they were quite gifted individuals," she says.

It was many of these students who simultaneously were learning how to manage multiculturalism. "How do you keep your traditions, but still manage to navigate and succeed in the dominate culture?" she asks.  After bringing these questions to light through her lectures, Dr. Rose said her students approached their situation differently. "In the classroom, I can see students making a change in what they're going to do," she says.

In addition to teaching, Rose is a researcher and her work has appeared in a variety of publications. Currently Fat Bodies, Obesogenic Environments, and Sociology: Rejecting Oppression in a Call of Social Change, is an article that is currently under review. Through it, Rose focuses on how society is structured to promote obesity, citing foods laden with fats and sodium; a culture of fear that does not let kids play outside; no time to work out; along with jobs that are often times sedentary.  Like Fat Bodies, many of her articles focus on "things we don't like to talk about," she says. "How do we talk about issues that most people don't want to discuss?" she questions. "If we don't talk about issues affecting our society, we can't change them. I want to promote change."

Rose said she made the difficult decision to relocate to Ohio and teach for Kent State because she wanted to get back to doing more research, which her current position will allow. "I enjoyed my students, but I wanted something more," she says of the job change. She, her husband and daughter moved to East Liverpool this summer and are currently renovating their new home.